Seismic Data Acquisition

Land, Shallow Marine, Offshore and Deep Offshore Seismic Data Acquisitions.

CB Geophysical Solutions Ltd with our partners can deliver to satisfactory standards these acquisition jobs.

From project design to permitting, surveying to field operations, project management and more, CB Geophysical delivers. Our clients benefit from expertise and a full range of capabilities.

SEISMIC ACQUISITION PLANNING AND DESIGN:   The goal of any 3-D seismic survey is to reduce drilling risks by acquiring, processing and interpreting a three dimensional volume of seismic data. This volume of data will provide a better understanding of the subsurface geology, diminishing the probability of marginal and dry well locations.

The optimal way to design a 3-D survey is to consider the geology of the rocks that are being imaged. Depth, structural dip, rock density, rock velocity, and reservoir complexity are just a few of the rock properties that determine the appropriate design for a 3-D survey. Other concerns such as topography, vegetation, permits, roads, etc., are economic and implementation issues that must be considered before the design is finalized.

Ultimately, the design process is an iterative one that seeks to balance geophysical needs with economic reality. In this critical area, CB Geophysical’s design geophysicists are unrivaled throughout the industry. Our people ensure that your geology is matched with the optimum survey design in order to meet your geophysical and geological imaging requirements.

SEISMIC ACQUISITION SURVEYING:   At CB Geophysical, our survey department model consists of seven to eight people per crew and numerous contract survey companies. The in-house survey crews are comprised of a Head Surveyor, Assistant Surveyor, and five or six pack operators. Each crew runs Leica Total Stations and Differential GPS units. Opus (Online positioning user service) is used for processing control and Gpseismic is used for processing survey data. In the field, crews use garmin gps units for mapping while MapInfo is used in the office for crew maps.

From our Field Office, the survey department handles the building of topo maps using All Topo Maps, the processing of control data, and quality control of field data before it is shipped to the client. The department also processes vibrator gps data and stakeless vibe data.

SEISMIC ACQUISITION PERMITTING:    We believe in creating and maintaining direct dialog between the operating company and the host community. Our permit team is well versed in all aspects of permitting as well as GIS mapping. Our permit with our state-of-the-industry vehicle and electronic maintenance capability and HSSE Operations on location, CB Geophysical crews are at home anywhere in the prospect.

We can conduct multiclient surveys. All field units, including personnel carriers, are tracked in real time by GPS. At CB Geophysical, we strive to deliver the most complete picture of the subsurface conditions to our clients.

VSP ACQUISITION:   We also offer 3D vertical seismic profile acquisition technology which can solve complex subsurface imaging problems on surveys carried out in boreholes.

Seismic Acquisition Services

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  • OBC
  • 3D / 4D Streamers
  • 2D Streamers
  • G & M
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