About Us

CB Geophysical is a 100% Nigerian owned company with top class professionals engaged in geological, geophysical, reservoir and asset Management services.Our prime objective is to provide enviable services of international standard.

Our mission:  Assisting our clients to find and produce hydrocarbon in a cost effective manner.

Our Vision:  To be the choice partner in the provision of geological, geophysical, reservoir and asset management services.

Our business is built on our leading edge proprietary software and technology in seismic acquisition and processing, strati-graphic and structural interpretation, integrated reservoir characterization, geologic model and reservoir simulation coupled with our highly experienced and innovative work force, advanced hardware and data processing capabilities.

We strive to supply excellent technical solutions to our clients. We strive to provide technical solutions to complicated geologic and reservoir development problems in complex sedimentary, carbonate, clastic, and fractured volcanic reservoirs.

Our technical solutions range from planning and execution of exploration projects, assessment for prospect and field, designing and documentation of field development plan, and integrated approach for brown field re-development, as well as enhanced oil recovery projects.

What we do:

  • Seismic Data Acquisition
  • Seismic Data Processing
  • Seismic Data Interpretation
  • Geotechnical /Geophysical Survey
  • Integrated Reservoir Studies
  • Seismic Data Management
  • Field Development Plan (FDP)
  • Reserve Evaluation
  • Basinal Studies & Prospect Evaluation
  • Subsurface Studies
  • Independent Technical /Value assurance in support of capital investments
  • Economics, Financial Modelling and Fiscal Terms assessments
  • Economics and Portfolio valuation of A & D prospects
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) / Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) Studies
  • Field Rejuvenation Studies
  • Asset Management

CB Geophysical Solutions is a member of Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (PETAN)