Seismic Data Processing

The trend of seismic data processing is developing with the needs of oil/gas exploration and exploitation. Innovations in geophysical exploration theory and method are the only correct approach to resolve the world’s common exploration problems that will be encountered in the future. This is where CB Geophysical provides a lot of added value to our clients.

  • PSTM Processing
  • PSDM Processing
  • RTM Processing
  • 2D/3D/4D/OBC Processing
  • CRS Processing
  • VSP Processing
The Emerging Trends in Seismic Data Processing Can Be Summarized Below:
      • Seismic Data Acquisition
      • From conventional processing to target processing.
      • From post-stack processing to pre-stack processing.
      • From P-wave processing to multi-wave (Multi-component) processing.
      • From time domain processing to depth domain processing.

Specifically, a large number of technologies need to be developed to solve various difficult problems, and push forward seismic data processing to better meet the requirements of petroleum exploration and exploitation. Of these technologies, more urgent and important includes statics correction of complex surface, anisotropic medium velocity analysis, anisotropic medium stacking, anisotropic medium migration, true surface migration, frequency absorption and compensation, etc. This is the core expertise of CB Geophysical.