Seismic Data Interpretation

CB Geophysical Solutions conducts full-scale seismic interpretation and prospect generation. We utilise best-in-class interpretation software to produce the required interpretation. The objectives of the seismic interpretation usually includes:

  • Understanding of the regional geology and specifically, the structural, and depositional history of the mapped area with respect to the occurrence of petroleum play elements and hydrocarbon accumulation. We map fairways for future exploration drilling, field development and production.
  • Identification of drillable prospects within the seismic coverage area if there are. Identification of well locations for all prospects adjudged commercial.
  • A pre-drilling estimate of hydrocarbon volume in place for all commercial prospects and advice on the geological risk and chance of success
  • Identification of analogues in cases where applicable, and use to support the validity of interpretations and in volume estimation.
  • Identification, mapping and quantification of all resource upsides within the seismic coverage area to support the commerciality of the explorations blocks.

Our seasoned interpretation teams can deliver on the following

  • Structural interpretation and validation
  • Stratigraphic/Sequence Stratigraphic interpretation and depositional environment mapping
  • AVO studies
  • Hydrocarbon volume estimate and geological risk assessment.